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East Anglia is found on the Eastern side of Great Britain. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether it is on the southern or the eastern side of the country. Generally people have assumed that East Anglia is on the eastern side of England.

The Cuisine of East Anglia

The region has always had a strong tradition in the food that is produced in the area. The reason for this high quality is due the region having some of the finest availability of local ingredients. Rich soils on flat land have made the area the largest arable producing region[…]

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The major tourist attractions of East Anglia

Tourism is a major contributor to the economic welfare of the region. In some cases it has replaced certain industries that have declined over the years. This is certainly the case with the resort towns that used to rely heavily on the fishing industry and it has been a relatively[…]

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Industry in East Anglia

It is commonly known that the region benefits economically from both agriculture and tourism. However, due to its geographical location it benefits form a variety of industries that are located within the larger settlements of the area. There is a good road and rail transport network that makes both the[…]

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