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East Anglia is found on the Eastern side of Great Britain. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether it is on the southern or the eastern side of the country. Generally people have assumed that East Anglia is on the eastern side of England.

Boat rides in Norfolk – Part 1

The county of Norfolk, located in the east of England, has boundaries with the North Sea and is popular due to the huge number of tourist visitations. The county is full of lakes and rivers, and when deciding what to do there before you travel, put a boat ride on your list. And so, let’s look at a few boat rides Norfolk has to offer.

The company in Norfolk called “Hunstanton Searles Sea Tours” offers people to try out their best exciting trip on land and in the sea. They run a tourism business and are known for having the amphibious ships (capable to be used on land and in the water). They are most well-known for the seal safaris they organize, meant to see the largest seal group in Norfolk – there are over three thousand seals! If you decide to take on one of their fun trips, you would depart from Hunstanton and travel around the coasts to see the seal populace, discover the unseen places of Norfolk and learn amazing facts and history about the land. Adult tickets do not reach £20 and children tickets are £10 or less. If you are interested in booking the seal safari or the whole tour around the coast and the land, make sure to reserve the date and time and maybe you will be lucky enough to get a discount on all of your tickets!

“Wherry Yacht Charter” organizes sailings and viewings of the Norfolk wherry. The wherry is a type of boat and has staggering features such as high peaked sail and a unique gaff rig. Most of the wherries in the world became uneconomic to run in the present days but the one in Norfolk still offers a privilege to take an exciting trip on a wherry. The yacht charter offers people an opportunity to visit them and see how the holidaymakers from the past used wherries to travel, as well as enjoy their type of vacation. The style of the boat did not go anywhere as the white hull and comfortable small cabins remain close to original in order to make the experience as unique as possible. If you are a person who cannot live without the sea and enjoys the aspects of sailing, you must visit the wherry and create the memories you would not forget. In addition, you can enjoy snacks, food and drinks on the boat during your trip. When sailing through the waves, you will feel the fresh breeze going through your hair and will see the wildlife (otters, marsh harriers, etc.) on the landscapes. Enjoy it as much as you can. While partaking in your trip, you can ask any questions about the history of wherries or region in general, the staff will be glad to provide with the answers. You can book the private cabin for a day or consecutive nights, “Wherry Yacht Charter” are more than welcome to help you with the reservations and your accommodation. Having a vacation in the Norfolk wherry would be something different from a usual ‘going abroad’ holiday.