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East Anglia is found on the Eastern side of Great Britain. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether it is on the southern or the eastern side of the country. Generally people have assumed that East Anglia is on the eastern side of England.

Famous Foods from Norfolk

Norfolk has a fine tradition of baking and cake makings, some of Britain’s oldest puddings hail from Norfolk such as Fair Buttons, or Norfolk Gingers. However, this area of eastern England has so much diversity that the local produce that can be found in Norfolk is diverse and highly interesting. And this leads to some highly individual dishes that cannot be found anywhere else.

Cromer Crab

Cromer Crab has to be the most delicious crustacean that is found in British waters. Its reputation has traveled far and wide and is a sought-after delicacy all over the world. The reason they are so tasty, and succulent is because their natural habitat are the shallow waters that exist under the unique chalk reef that exists just off the Norfolk coast. This gives the creatures a most sweet tasting and meaty flesh. In theory Cromer Crabs are the same as Brown Crabs that can be found all along the cost of Britain, but in reality they are special. Part of this is due to legislation and Cromer Crabs are smaller than most other Brown Crabs which gives them such an intense flavor.


If you have never eaten samphire then be prepared for a taste explosion, it is known locally as sea asparagus and it thrives in the salt marshes along the coast. If you consider it just like asparagus then you can prepare it in exactly the same way, just steam for a minute or two and serve with a knob of butter. The biggest difference between asparagus and samphire is the natural salt levels contained in the latter, so in a way it is self-seasoning.


Britain’s love their cheese and is one of the greatest cheese consuming nations in the world. Britain’s cheeses are quite amazing and regional variations differ greatly to one another. Norfolk is not famous as one of Britain’s great cheese producing counties, but it does produce on or two outstanding cheeses. One such cheese is Binham Blue which is a delightful soft cheese that has blue veins to add extra salt. For something very different try Copys Cloud which has a delicate white rind and an oozing center, perfect with savory crackers.

Norfolk Black Turkey

If there is one thing that Norfolk is famed for then it is poultry and in particular Turkeys. The Norfolk Black is one of the best examples of the humble turkey, and at Christmas the demand for these birds often outstrips supply. Turkey is a really healthy meat to eat, it is lean and can be used in many methods of cooking. Norfolk leads the way in Britain’s poultry production and the birds unique taste comes from the grain the birds eat which is a byproduct of the rich arable harvest. The landscape of Norfolk with its large fertile plains is perfect for rearing these birds and they are allowed to run freely around giving them extra flavor and succulent meat. These great foods from Norfolk are really unique and, in a way, speak of the land that produced them.      

Norfolk Black Turkey
Norfolk Black Turkey