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East Anglia is found on the Eastern side of Great Britain. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether it is on the southern or the eastern side of the country. Generally people have assumed that East Anglia is on the eastern side of England.

Roger Taylor Is Norfolk’s Most Famous Drummer


The members of the most popular British rock band Queen became absolute superstars of the rock scene in the 1970s. While all eyes were on charismatic and scandalous vocalist Freddie Mercury, the mighty guitar sound of Brian May, John Deacon on bass, and Roger Taylor on drums were more in the background. However, Roger Taylor is responsible for some of Queen’s biggest hits. He was born in King’s Lynn / Norfolk and has conquered the world of Rock’ n’Roll.

From Biologist To Drummer

In 1967 he began to study dentistry in London but soon switched his studies into biology. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science. Inspired by the drum sound of Keith Moon from the band The Who, he taught himself to play and turned out to be a great talent. When he read an advertisement on the bulletin board that5 a new band is looking for a drummer, Taylor replied and became a member of the band called “Smile”. By the way, the guitarist of this band was Brian May. In 1968, “Smile” made their first performance on a big scene. They opened a show of Pink Floyd.

When Tim Staffel left “Smile”, May and Taylor brought his friend Freddie Mercury into the band and they changed the title of the band into a more pretentious one, so that is how the Queen was born. Together with John Deacon, they created the legendary line-up that stood on stage and in the studio until the death of Freddie Mercury.

A Party Hero

Freddie Mercury had the image of a party animal all his life, but the real womanizer of the band was no one else but Roger Taylor. He loved the experience of fast cars, parties, and racing boats. Despite the fact that he was a father of five kids, Taylor has always been surrounded by beautiful women and enjoyed his life as a rock star to the fullest. Taylor was known for drinking to glasses of Scotch before every show of Queen. For the members of the band, he was much more than just a drummer. The multi-instrumentalist also played bass, rhythm guitar, and keyboards in the studio. He inspired the experiments with the synthesizers and brought the new sounds of the Queen. His high voice was the perfect contrast to Freddie Mercury and ennobled numerous classics in the background. It is said that Taylor and Deacon were the spine of the band and they kept the Queen together.

The Queen Was There

Taylor was not just the great drummer but left his mark on the history of the Queen as a composer also. Roger Taylor has created numerous classical hits of the Queen, including songs such as These Are the Days of Our Lives, A Kind of Magic, and Radio Ga Ga. Alongside Queen, Taylor also recorded a few solo hits and performed with another band called The Cross. Roger Taylor was a star from the very first day. When he was born in West Norfolk & Lynn Hospital in the summer of 1949, his mother received a prominent visit.  Princess Elizabeth who now is her majesty Queen Elizabeth II also met Roger Taylor’s mother during her visit to the hospital. Isn’t that a sign of destiny?